Public Speaking Training on VideoOn this training you will learn all the secrets of public speaking and get a very practical scheme for creating world class speeches. You will not only learn the powerful tools but also will understand why they work and how to apply them. By the end of the training you will have a significant competitive advantage in any area of work. Very few people know and can do what you will know and do by the end of this course.

When I studied at school my Math teacher said: “Andrii, you learned how to solve problems, however you need to learn how to present, so that others could understand you.” I was a terrible speaker and every time I was on stage, I felt paralyzing fear.

Over the last 10 years I have attended over 30 public speaking trainings both in Europe and USA led by one of the best public speaking coaches in the world, read more than 50 books, watched thousands of videos of the world’s best speakers.

Based on the techniques that the best 1000 speakers in the modern world are using, I developed the Magic of Public Speaking system that works 100% of the time. This intensive workshop will make you a better speaker in 2 months than most people can become in 10 years.

95% of the content of this training is not covered by most regular public speaking trainings and books. You will get very practical and simple instruction of how to create a speech that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats every time you speak. Magic of Public Speaking did wonders for me. It did wonders for everyone who learned it. It will do wonders for you!


Read what others say about the
Magic of Public Speaking:

“Today I delivered a great speech. Thank you.
All credits to you. People loved my speech and called me ‘advanced speaker.'”

Santosh Kumar, Software Developer
Dell, Fremont, CA

– – — – — – –

“I could never imagine that a public speaking training course could have such an impact on my life. It’s true magic! I have wanted to become a Product Manager ever since I joined my company as a software developer. One month after the Magic of Public Speaking training, I presented in front of 2 directors and a Vice President (VP). The VP told me that he was impressed with my presentation skills and asked me about my career aspirations. Two months later and I am a Product Manager!

Shanon Breeze, Product Manager
Toronto, Canada

– – — – — – –

“As a sales manager I am responsible for increasing sales. After attending this course and implementing the ideas my closing ratio has increased by 10 – 15%. I have attended many presentation skills training courses before, however this is the first time ‘everything came together.’ So much is packed into these 2 days and I wish I had attended this training 10 years ago. The live examples of ‘HOW’ these powerful techniques could be used really helped.”

“I never realized that making effective presentations could be so simple. I now have a system to enable me to adapt my presentations to different people and different situations. My team has even noticed a difference in how I present myself. Thank you, Andrii.”

Derek Owen, Sales Manager
Detroit, MI

– – — – — – –

“Andrii, the ‘story telling system’ you are teaching is so… effective!
Please don’t spread it too widely.”

Anton Milyuk, Art Director
Kyiv, Ukraine


Watch sample speeches developed
using the Magic of Public Speaking system:


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